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Healing Emotional Baggage Can Propel Your Life Forward

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Healing trauma from the past.

It would be a good idea to know what ‘emotional baggage’ means and why it should be ‘resolved’, ‘changed’ or ‘healed’.

Emotional baggage is the expression to refer to those trapped and unresolved emotions/feelings held in your body from past uncomfortable experiences.

The body stores emotions/feelings - where are you holding yours? Burying your emotions can be harmful to your health, as you store your issues in your tissues.

Therefore, it interferes with your emotional, physical, and mental health.

Relationships are one of the scenarios where the effects of the emotional baggage, can be seen as: frustration, deception, conflicts, jealousy, and disappointment are just some of those emotions/reactions that can show up in your relationships at home and work that stop you from experiencing loving, supportive, and caring relationships. Consequently, you may feel afraid of opening up, your heart in a relationship because of your unresolved fears and emotions from the past that may be ruining any hope of happiness and closeness in your current relationships.

These thoughts and feelings are like chains that limit the ability to connect in a supportive, caring, and healthy way. This is also what will hold you back from success and reaching your goals and dreams.

Research suggests that suppressing emotions can be associated with high rates of heart disease, as well as IBS, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, ulcers, gastrointestinal health complications. Whether you are experiencing sadness, guilt, grief, anger, or frustration, suppressing these feelings inside can lead to physical stress on your body. Studies show that holding your feelings in, has links to high cortisol levels that can lead to lower immunity and toxic thinking patterns. Over time, unresolved, untreated, or unrecognized stress can lead to an increased risk of aggression, anxiety, depression, problems with memory etc.,

Remember what you “Feel you can Heal” and what you “Resist will Persist.”

There is a way to work on releasing negative trapped emotions out of your body called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one modality that is highly effective for releasing physical pain and emotional distress in your body. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. There are certain skills that are needed when using this modality in releasing trapped emotions in the body.

A successful EFT process makes you feel ‘lighter’. You can also feel free and happy. You will have more energy and motivation to reach their goals because your baggage will not be holding you back.

It is important to open the gate of your mind and body to release the emotional baggage accumulated over the years. You may miss out on opportunities because your emotional baggage is holding you back in so many ways.

If you find you are having trouble releasing the trapped emotions in your body, it may be important to work with a practitioner. When working with someone ensure that the practitioner is experienced, qualified, and most importantly you feel comfortable with them.

It is important to understand what and why EFT is so effective and how to use it. So, I have written an EFT eBook to teach you how to use EFT effectively, it is available on my website, “The Complete Guide to Heal and Transform Your Life with EFT.” Start your healing journey now, stop letting your past effect your future.


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