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Hypnotherapy Gold Coast
Issues and behaviours we can help with:

The reason people visit a hypnotherapist/Results Coach/EFT Practitioner are many and varied. If you don’t see what you’re after on one of the pages here, please contact us and ask – we’ll give you an idea if we can help. Chances are, someone else has sought our assistance for the same thing.

Women's Health

With hypnosis we use the power of our minds to influence our brains for healing and enhancement of body, mind, and spirit. 

Results Life Coaching

Utilising a range of transformational modalities, we will help you discover what lights you up, and to release past conditioning and patterns that are holding you back from living the life you were meant to live.

Depression and Social Anxiety

With a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching, the Hypnotherapy treatment helps you to feel calm, at ease and balanced whilst dissolving the depressive thought patterns and related uncomfortable feelings.

Mind Your Weight Program

This is the state of the art Program that uses the power of your mind to release any underlying reasons why you may be holding onto the weight or turning to food as a diversion strategy. 

Healing Broken Heart

When you’ve got a broken heart it’s hard to believe that you’ll ever feel good again, you are however designed to heal.  Through this gentle journey, you will be supported and guided through the healing processes  to help you heal and move on with ease. 

Inner Child Healing 

The inner-child work is a powerful tool for healing from psychological trauma, dysfunctional patterns, and self-harming behaviours. The inner-child is not a literal child, it is a metaphorical “little you”.  It is the hurt 

part of you.

What Our Clients Say

After the death of my wife I was struggling with moving on with my life, My health was deteriorating and I was feeling unmotivated and depressed.  It took me some 4 years to pluck up enough courage to see someone.  I am so happy that I had the courage to see Carole.  She made me feel safe and comfortable to share what was going on for me.    Even though I still miss my wife, I am not consumed by the grief anymore and am in a much happier place.  I am also now seeing someone which seems to be going great.   I cannot thank you enough Carole!

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