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Reviews From Our Clients

Alison M. Lecturer

Carole’s warm and sensitive approach coupled with her obvious expertise made me feel safe and cared for, and her sessions have made a huge impact to ny life.   I found Carole’s techniques really effective, the sessions were intense but really rewarding.   We explored areas together which have affected me for my whole life and since completing our sessions I have seen a big difference in my levels of anxiety and destructive eating and other negative behaviours.   Without having to struggle or even really think about it too munch these negative and  destructive  behaviours have naturally changed to much more positive ones.   I am so happy I found her, she has changed my life so much for the better.   Thank you Carole I am very grateful for your help.

Amanda G. Teacher

Having always had a “sweet” tooth I found as I got older my chocolate, ice cream ad cake eating habits had become a real obsession for me and I started to gain weight. The thought of getting my next “fix” and seeing the kilos pile on was on my mind 24/7 and it was driving me crazy.   I contacted Carole via email and she phoned me back and I explained the situation to her.   Following that we met in person and I felt so comfortable speaking to her I returned to have a session with her.   I only needed one session and it’s been over 2 months now and I have not had any desire to eat desserts or chocolates and finally don’t even think about them.   I’ve already lost three kilos and feel so much better for it.   I would highly recommend her to anyone. Don’t hesitate – just do it!

Simone S. Accountant

If you want to start to change your life the first step is to contact Carole.

I have suffered with anxiety and weight issues for the majority of my adult life.   Whenever I have tried to change the way I react to situations I have failed on numerous occasions and always reverted back to my old behaviour.   My anxiety in particular became a real hindrance to me and I decided I needed to do something about it before it totally swallowed me up.

Carole not only taught me how to deal with my anxiety but also retrained my mind to not think in an anxious/negative way in the first place.   I felt the effects straight away after my first hypnotherapy session – I was suddenly a lot more positive about myself and the anxiety began to fade away.   After two more sessions with Carole I now don’t really get anxious and if I do she has taught me how to effectively release those negative thoughts.   I also went to see Carole because since my teenage years I have found comfort in food when I am stressed    I am extremely pleased to say that since seeing Carole I have not comfort eaten at all and I have already lost five kilos.

I feel that thanks to Carole my whole life has been turned in a different direction, one where I an this happy, confident and life embracing person.

Sharon L. Chiropractor
Trevor D. Scaffolder

I have been unlucky enough to be one of the many people, who have suffered emotional problems in life.   I needed some help to work through these issues and have tried working with a number of other psychologist/therapists previously with minimal success.   As a result of suffering from depression, anxiety and anger, this resulted in my marriage breaking down.

I was given Carole’s phone number by a friend I was working with.

Carole helped me save my marriage and helped with my anger and depression.


I cannot thank her enough for helping me turn my life around. 

Sharon L. Chiropractor

Carole was referred to me by a friend and I am so thankful for that     I worked with Carole on what was holding me back in life.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are times in one’s life when you by pure chance , meet somebody that inevitably has such an impact, that your whole life and perspective of such, dramatically changes for the better.   Suddenly life takes a turn in a new and wonderful direction.

Carole was that person for me and I an so grateful to her, more to the point, words are not sufficient to describe how much she has given me.   By meeting her, with your gentle, caring guidance my life has taken a new and wonderful turn.  I look forward to many more of life’s chance meetings and it’s wonderful journey.

Shelly B. Business Owner

I can’t thank you enough for your help with my 13 year old daughter after the neighbours son and his best friend attacked her and attempted to rape her last year. She was in deep shock and trauma when I took her along for her first session and I thought she would be in therapy for years! But thanks to you and your techniques, as well as her natural desire to rise above things, she has flown through therapy in a few short months and is stronger than ever. She says that the experience, while being very, very traumatic at first, has helped her access inner strength she didn’t know she possessed! Instead of flattening her, as it looked like would happen in the weeks after the event, with your help, the attack has brought out her inner warrior and desire to succeed. I’m so proud of her and so grateful to you Carol. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for helping my daughter.”

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