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Weight Loss Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and natural way of working to bring our actions in line with our minds. We take into account things such as:

·         Emotional eating – such as eating for comfort, eating as a diversion strategy or                  when you are burying feelings you do not like ;

·         Habitual eating – eating when you’re not hungry;

·         Specific foods which are a “challenge”;

·         Social eating – celebrating with food, rewarding yourself with food, etc. 

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP

Lose weight with a completely natural drug-free, no diets, no pills, no supplements, healthy eating and exercise approach.

People suffering with emotional eating, focus and obsess

around food – believing that by controlling food intake or

weight they can rid themselves of their lack of self-worth

and painful feelings. Or they may eat when feeling stressed

out and unable to deal with difficult feelings and emotions.

Hypnotherapy can help you with:

  • Letting go of unhealthy eating habits

  • Managing self esteem

  • Letting go of limiting self belief systems

  • Overeating cycle, purging or strictly controlling and denying food by addressing unresolved underlying issues and/or trauma.

  • Permanently breaking the destructive cycle of bingeing, yo-yo dieting or self-starvation and learning to have a healthy lifestyle, hypnotherapy, EFT and other healing modalities and processes can help with this.

  • Identify the toxic self-talk, the blocks and negative mentalities around food and body image

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
Help with losing weight with hypnotherapy
Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy
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Mind Your Weight
Hypnosis Program

This is the state of the art Hypnosis Program uses the power of your mind to release any underlying reasons why you may be holding onto the weight or turning to food as a diversion strategy.

$1250 early bird $1050

  • 8 weeks 1 hour group webinar

  • Workbook

  • 4 x Hypnosis mp3 Healing Recordings 

  • 2 - one on one sessions.

Maximum of 15 people

Weight Reduction Hypnotherapy
MP3 Recordings

The Hypnotherapy Mp3s for Weight Reduction helps you identify and heal when, why, how and what are the drivers, core beliefs, themes, sabotage patterns that are causing you to turn to food for comfort and/or diversion. 


The hypnotherapy recordings help you heal, release and change specific patterns and behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your ideal weight and health goals. 

Hypnosis Recordings  for:
  • Stop Overeating 

  • Slowing Down Your Eating and Leaving Food on Your Plate 

  • Changing Family Programming about Food and Diets

  • Feeling in Control around Food

  • Stop Sabotaging Achieving Your Goal Weight

  • Turn up Metabolism and Balance Hormones

To Purchase MP3s for Weight Reduction click on Products page Icon.

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