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5 Steps to Move Through Heartache with Ease

Heartache after a breakup
Relationship Breakup

Are you currently experiencing heartbreak, whether it's from a romantic relationship or a friendship? Or maybe you want to be prepared for when it does happen in the future. Either way, it's essential to proactively learn these tools that will support you through challenging times.

Think of it like putting on floaties before diving into the deep end of a pool. With these techniques, you'll be equipped to navigate heartbreak with success.

And it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not right now. This process can be applied to any hardship, such as the end of a romance, the loss of a friendship, a business setback, or receiving difficult news.

Here's what you can do:

(If you have experienced significant trauma, we recommend contacting us for personalised sessions instead.)

⭐ Identify your emotions.

What are you feeling? Abandonment? Loneliness? Fear?

⭐ Where in your body do you feel these emotions/sensations?

⭐ Give voice to your feelings.

Grab a pen and paper and let your emotions speak. Write down how you feel in the present tense, using "I" statements. For example, "I feel lonely. I am sad being alone. How do I feel without this person in my life?"

⭐ Embrace your feelings with love.

Breathe deeply and acknowledge the tightness/sensations in your body while fully accepting whatever emotions arise. Allow them to be exactly as they are and observe what happens. Say to yourself I am allowed to feel this way and I am allowed to let it go.

⭐ Let love take the lead.

Now, write from a place of love directly addressing these feelings on paper. Picture yourself as a loving parent comforting your inner child, embracing the feelings of loneliness, abandonment, or any other emotions you're experiencing.

✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

It's not the feeling that causes pain; it's our resistance to the feeling that creates more pain and heartache.

These emotions are simply seeking attention and a way to process them. Sometimes, in our innocence, we seek love externally, neglecting the love that exists within us, make sure to treat yourself with love and kindness and allow space and time to heal. "Remember feelings buried alive never die."

This process may sound deceptively simple, and that's because it is! It's much easier than we believe. I like to call it - Feel to Heal. All we need to do is directly feel into our emotions within us. 💫

Emotions only need 90 seconds of genuine acknowledgement, to help them heal.

You might have believed that love came from another person because you felt it in their presence. But the truth is, the love you needed was self love. It is important to look at what was it in you that needed love externally instead of internally.

The secret is realising that what you seek is already within YOU! Once you understand this, you regain your power.

As you accept and embrace all aspects of yourself, you begin to feel your inner radiance and heart reawakening.

By doing this, you'll no longer fear someone taking your love away, as you know the source is within you. You'll experience a newfound sense of freedom, love, and openness.

And along the way, you'll uncover a more profound love that is always present.

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