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How Releasing Your Emotions Can Help You Change Your Weight?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Your emotions and stress effect your weight.

Most of the brain activity is subconscious. Scientists agree that the conscious mind is 2-5% of our brain function and our subconscious mind is about 95- 98%. The conscious mind is the part that makes decisions that we are consciously aware of. The subconscious minds job is to keep all the trillions of cells in our body going, for example it keeps our lungs breathing and our heart beating. “The Money is in the Mindset” by Dr Andrew Powell

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all our memories and past experiences and may have been repressed through trauma and those that have simply been consciously forgotten and no longer important to us. It is from these memories and experiences that our habits, beliefs and behaviours are formed.

The subconscious mind has the ability to process about 2 million bits of information per second, whereas the conscious mind only has the ability to process five to six bits of information per second. So, if we really were consciously aware of everything going on around us, we would be totally overwhelmed all the time, which is why the subconscious filters a whole lot of things out. It basically makes decisions for us as to what’s important and what’s not on a moment-to-moment basis. The subconscious mind also is a protector that from time to time depending on the trauma it may block this memory from your conscious awareness. The subconscious is also where we store our pre-patterned behaviour programs. “The Money is in the Mindset” by Dr Andrew Powell

An example of how the subconscious and conscious mind works – imagine when you first learnt to drive a car and you had to think about so many things, e.g. using the mirrors, gears, where the brake was, trying to stay in between the lines and steering straight etc this is your conscious mind working. I would imagine now you don’t even think about driving your car you just jump in and off you go, this is your subconscious mind through repetition now has the information stored in its warehouse. You may at times even have driven somewhere and if you reflected on the trip, you may not even remember some of the trip. This would mean for that part of the journey you would have been in a trance and your subconscious just knew what to do.

The subconscious is constantly scanning our environment for threats and opportunities. It makes thousands of automatic judgments and decisions for us every day, based on the rules of our own unique programming and beliefs. Only a select few of these are ever brought to conscious awareness and attention for consideration. “The Money is in the Mindset” by Dr Andrew Powell

Recent research has shown that our subconscious biases affect our decisions on every level, even things that seem to be totally under our conscious and rational control.

So now that you think about it, how many times on a Monday morning have you decided consciously that you are going on a diet, and you are going to stick to it? That would mean you have 2-5% of your mind working in your favour and you have 95 – 98% of your subconscious mind pulling in the opposite direction and now that you think about this – who is going to win? The subconscious mind holds onto all those beliefs and memories that possibly, it is not safe to be attractive or junk food is pleasant tasting when my life does not taste nice.

It is no wonder that dieting is not working for so many people, when they have this internal tug, a war going on in their mind. People then give themselves such a hard time when they constantly fail and then this lowers their self-esteem even further and then they tend to turn to food more. Now that you think about it; what chance did you have then?

We are launching a weight reduction program that deals with the underlying reasons people turn to food and this 10 Step Simple Program will help you finally reduce your weight and keep it off. The aim of this program is to have your subconscious and conscious mind holding hands and heading in the same direction, doesn’t that make more sense. When this is happening wouldn’t your chances of success be increased thousand times over?

To be part of our launch/trial please contact us on our website or email us on


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