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Celebrities that use Hypnosis

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Famous people using hypnosis

For those who wonder whether hypnosis is popular among famous people such as Hollywood stars, businessmen and sportsmen, here is a small list of some of the celebrities who use, have been using and will keep using it as a helpful procedure to overcome some of their challenges, behaviours and beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their dreams.

Many girls around the world would love to have a date with Orlando Bloom, the famous actor of ‘Troy’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ among others. Well, this guy was taken to see a hypnotist when he was a little child. It is known that the hypnotist helped him to overcome his chocolate addiction and get in shape. If this wouldn’t have happened, maybe Orlando would not have been so successful.

Kevin Costner was having a bad time when filming ‘Waterworld’. He was suffering seasickness, which was affecting his ability to be able to fully commit. After a private hypnotic session he was able to continue filming with no problem.

Smoking is perhaps one of the main targets of hypnosis. A famous guy who stopped smoking after using hypnosis is Mr. Matt Damon, who actually proclaimed that hypnosis was one of the best decisions he had made in his life.

Ashton Kutcher is another fan of hypnosis. At the beginning of his career, he used it to help him to visualise himself like a successful actor. Well, it seems that it worked. After that, he also used hypnosis to stop smoking, and he quit.

Some other celebrities successful at overcoming smoking by using hypnosis are: Ben Affleck, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Samuel L. Jackson, Winona Ryder, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Billy Joel and Mark Knopfler.

Orlando Bloom is not the only one who used hypnosis to overcome a habit that had to do with overweight. Sarah Ferguson, Lily Allen, Geri Halliwell and the top model Sophie Dahl all used hypnosis as a part of their weight-loss program.

Some poems and musical pieces were composed under hypnotic state of mind. Musical pieces like ‘Cosi fan tutte’ from Mozart, some of Rachmaninov’s concertos and entire poems from Lord Tennyson Alfred were written whilst in a hypnotised state.

Even though he is not a celebrity these days, he’s well known as a hero. I’m talking about Winston Churchill, the famous British prime minister. He had to deal with the consequences of the Second World War: a very stressing stage in human history. According to what some historians say, he used hypnotherapy in order to stay awake and avoid tiredness during the night. While being awake, he planned and worked on strategies. He was such a hardworking man who attended hypnosis sessions even to stay fresh during the day as well.

Hypnosis is being used by several famous people all around the world for several purposes such as quitting smoking, losing weight, visualisation of their success, overcoming particular phobias and more. Hypnosis has thus become part of many celebrities’ life and it seems that it will keep spreading to more celebrities, business people and everyone.


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